Will Nutanix and Palo Alto work for you?

Challenges in the market

As organisations virtualise and deploy data and applications across a hybrid cloud environment, the potential attack surface increases, demanding a new approach to managing data flow and security threats.

Solution Overview

Nutanix and Pao Alto Networks work together to enable organistions to segment, manage and secure VMs and data flow across a hybrid cloud environment, reducing the security threat both at the perimeter and within the internal network.


Nutanix Flow & Calm, Palo Alto Networks VM-series & Panorama.

The Law of Security

Use Case: VM Micro segmentation & Next generation Security

  • Key features you will benefit from:
    • Application-level visibility of complex ecosystems, microsegment workloads and distribute security controls to enforce a perimeter around every VM
    • Industry-leading threat-prevention capabilities to detect and stop threats attempting to penetrate the perimeter, move laterally across legitimate network connections or access data
    • Leverage of a VM-Series deployment blueprint to enable simple, repeatable and automated deployment of VM-Series firewalls to simplify management
    • Managed security and performance across hybrid cloud environment through a single pane of glass
  • Will this work for you?
    • Are an existing Nutanix and/ or Palo Alto Networks customer?
    • Do you operate within a highly virtualised / hyperconverged environment?
    • Do you have an expanding VDI/ EUC environment?
    • Is organisation in a highly regulated industry?
  • With Nutanix and Fortinet you will be able to:
    • Prevent the East-West movement of threats within a complex network, minimising their impact
    • Provide your organisation market-leading threat detection and protection at the perimeter
    • Reduce administration while ensuring new VMs automatically adhere to the highest security policies
    • Simplify the management of network and application security across a disparate hybrid cloud ecosystem


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