Fast-Forward to the Subscription Economy

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X-OD is an on-demand platform that brings together and enhances all of Exclusive Networks’ products and services in one, user-friendly place. The platform is the centre of a new digitalised technology distribution ecosystem that is connecting the full value chain, bringing vendors and resellers closer to their customers.

X-OD is pivotal in enabling the shift to the subscription business model. The platform is transforming capex to opex payments, enabling technology to be bought in the same way it is sold and consumed. It is this flexibility combined with on-demand functionality, speed and simplicity that makes X-OD so relevant in a ‘customer-first’ world.

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Digitising Distribution

The global pandemic undoubtedly accelerated digital transformation making the X-OD proposition even more relevant to business needs. X-OD fully digitises the sales cycle from end to end allowing you to manage every aspect of your customer’s portfolio of products, services, licences, and subscriptions, plus all your vendor relationships within the platform.

Putting Customers First

X-OD gives you intelligent insights into customer demand – enabling your business to stay ahead of the curve and predict what each customer needs.

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Simplifying Cyber & Cloud Procurement

X-OD provides customers with a new way to consume cyber and cloud technologies.

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