Fortinet Teleworker Solution: Engineered for Remote and Secure Productivity


Preparing for business continuity and disaster recovery is vital for any organisation. An important component of this is the ability to support a mostly or fully remote workforce with little or no notice.
When developing business continuity plans, it is essential to ensure that the organisation has the resources in place to secure this remote workforce.
Fortinet solutions are easily deployable and configurable and enable an organisation to maintain full security, visibility, and control, regardless of their deployment environment.
In this workshop, participants learn about how Fortinet solutions offer an integrated solution to support telework. FortiGate next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) have built-in support for IPsec VPNs, enabling remote workers to connect securely to the company network. With endpoint protection provided by FortiClient and multi-factor authentication (MFA) with FortiAuthenticator, organisations can securely support remote work and maintain business continuity.
Participants who attend this workshop will learn how to:
  • Configure two-factor authentication, which is necessary for secure access
  • Create an inbound VPN policy on FortiGate that allows teleworkers to tunnel back to corporate headquarters
  • Configure FortiClient Endpoint Management Server (EMS) to protect remote users as effectively as if they were located at the corporate office
  • Demonstrate successful operation of these critical functions


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