FireEye Rewards

FireEye Would Like to Reward You

It couldn’t be clearer. Cyber threat actors continue to attack corporate interests across the globe.

And there are plenty of things your customer might not know about their network vulnerabilities. It’s important to ensure that your customers are one step ahead of the bad guys, with the most advanced cyber protection measures to reinforce protective boundaries around data, operations and protect the bottom line.

Why not arm yourself with an expert for your next sales call?

As one of the leading global cyber security firms in the marketplace, our FireEye solution engineers understand the risks a compromised network hold for an organisation.

By taking an expert representative along with you on your next sales visit, you’ll provide customers with an opportunity to ask important technical questions, and to feel assured that they either:

  • Understand what the risks are to Australian organisations from advanced threat actors.
  • Are aware of any potential vulnerabilities, and what they can do to mitigate their risk.

Let us help you address your customer’s security vulnerabilities, make your job easier and then thank you with $400 for every 4 meetings!

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