Retain Your McAfee Customers



Retain Your McAfee Customers!

Swap-Out McAfee with your End Users before your competition does. 
Your McAfee customer is ‘low hanging fruit’ for you AND your competitor. End-of-Life product is a clear target when looking to increase net-new business – and your customer’s details are currently residing on telemarketing lists ready to be sold to every company that recognises the opportunity for McAfee displacement.


We urge you to call your customers before your competitors do! Follow the four steps below to help you get your McAfee displacement campaign underway swiftly.


1. Who is your Target Audience?
As the incumbent, you have more information at your fingertips than anyone else. Make use of your database and run a report on your McAfee users. Split the list in two based on the value of opportunity, with those with a high revenue opportunity prioritised for a more high-touch approach.
2. Be Clear on your Messaging
Do you know what you are going to offer them? The easiest methodology is to re-purpose messaging from relevant Vendors – investigate the offers available and be the first to push them to your customer.
3. Contact Your Customers to Keep Them!
The choice on how to contact customers is yours, but the more methods of contact you use the better your result will be. We suggest that your prioritised target list be on the contact schedule for your Sales Team to meet in person as soon as possible. For the rest, a good method to reach them is to send out an email using one of the many low-cost email platforms available. Utilising vendor email content is an easy way to build your email/eDM and get your promotion out quickly. By utilising an email platform you can see who has read or clicked through from your email – this information is used as an indication of interest and is best used as a Warm Leads target list for your telemarketing team to follow up on.
(Need help with email marketing platforms? Contact us at and we will advise!)
4. Follow Up
Be sure to set the correct desired outcome for each of your activities. Telemarketing resources, if not able to close over the phone, should be setting meetings for your Account Managers. Once your Account Managers have visited the key contact, be sure to give them additional collateral that they can send through to support your messaging.
Remember not to be complacent – many are aware of the opportunity out there,
but only those who act will win! 



Make the most of our Vendor’s current offers and support for your McAfee customers: