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Pure Storage: Help Customers Modernize Data Protection with Flash & Cloud

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Today’s backup solutions, built with disk-based appliances, promise to keep data protected. Yet, what if these solutions leave your customers exposed, not protected?

Most customers use a data protection strategy known as “disk to disk to tape”, an approach that is optimized for backing data up, but not restoring data quickly. By design, purpose-built backup appliances (PBBA) are 10-100x slower recovering data compared to backing it up.

A recent study found 69% of enterprises are re-evaluating their data protection strategies in the next two years because they are concerned about missing backup windows, data recovery SLAs, and rising cost.

Join us as we introduce our newest solution built to replace disk and tape with flash and cloud. Learn how you can bring your customers into the modern era of data protection and make money while doing it!


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14/02/2019 7:00 to 20:00

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