Yönetilebilir Güvenlik Servisleri ile, kazanmaya bugünden başlayın!

Bir Güvenlik Operasyon Merkezi (SOC) oluşturmak 4 yıl kadar sürebilir, ancak MSSD ile müşterilerinize yönetilen güvenlik hizmetleri sağlayabilir ve gelir elde etmeye bugünden başlayabilirsiniz.


2023’e kadar 50 milyar dolarlık toplam adreslenebilir pazar

Geleneksel yeniden satışa kıyasla MSS için 2 kat daha hızlı gelir artışı

Kuruluşların % 40’ı, güvenlik operasyonları stratejilerinin kritik bir parçası olarak MSSP kullanacak.

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MSSD Monitoring & Alerting

24/7 SOC-Based MDR (Managed Detection & Response)

  • MSSD Security Automation and Orchestration Platform
  • Threat Event Enrichment, Analysis and Correlation
  • Incident Monitoring, Alerting and RCA
  • Remote Breach Support
  • Security Dashboard
  • Compliance Reporting
  • AI-based threat hunting*
  • Post-breach investigation*

MSSD Monitoring & Alerting

24/7 SOC-Based MDR Managed Prevention & Countermeasure (Proactive management)

  • Availability Monitoring and Backup
  • Operational and Capacity Management
  • Updates and Upgrades
  • Policy Compliance and Best Practice Validation
  • Device and Policy Configuration Change Management
  • Automated Rules of Engagement
  • Policy Topology Reporting
  • Behavior Baselining*

A zero-trust approach to MSS

  • All resources are accessed in a secure manner, regardless of location
  • Least privilege: access control is on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and is strictly enforced
  • Always verify and never trust
  • Inspect and log all traffic
  • The network is designed from the inside out

Identify and classify all data and associated risk

Map all traffic dnd transaction flows

Identify all traffic and transaction flows

Design a logical segmentation of datasets/application

Monitor the network; Inspect and log the traffic; and update rules based on your behaviour analytics

Write rules on your segmentation or policy gateway based on expected behaviour of the data (user and application)

Use cases: Tangible Results


  • Can we arrange a demonstration?

    Yes, Exclusive Networks can provide customers with a demonstration of the portal and the associated workflows. A proof of value can also be delivered providing the customer has defined and agreed the success factors.

  • Can MSSD services be white-labelled?

    MSSD is a service delivered and branded by Exclusive Networks. However, if the ongoing service requirements of customers is of significant level, then white-labelling is a possibility.*

    *Subject to contractual requirements between the partner and end-user.

  • What products are supported?

    Currently, MSSD services support the following vendor solutions:


    • NFW (Fortigate)
    • FortiAP
    • FortiSwitch
    • Secure SD-WAN


    Palo Alto Networks

    • NGFW
    • Cortex-XDR Prevent
    • Cortex-XDR Pro
    • Prisma Access
    • Redlock



    • Firepower
    • Meraki MX Devices
  • Is the offer available globally?

    Yes, this offer is available for customers worldwide.

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