Fortinet’s FortiSASE: Bringing Enterprise-Level Protection to SMBs

Exclusive Networks, a global distributor of cybersecurity and cloud solutions, is now targeting small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with FortiSASE, a cloud-delivered security solution from Fortinet. This move reflects Exclusive Networks’ commitment to providing SMBs with enterprise-level protection at an affordable and accessible price point.

FortiSASE is a cloud-delivered security solution driven by Single-Vendor Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) approach extending the convergence of Networking and Security from the Edge to Remote Users, delivering Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), Security Web Gateway (SWG), CASB, ZTNA, and SD-WAN capabilities to deliver consistent security and superior user experience for users anywhere.

As highlighted in 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Single-Vendor SASE, Fortinet is one the few vendors to “offer the required breadth and depth of functionality with integration across all components, a single management plane, and unified data model and data lake”.

With its unified agent, simple user-based licensing and unified cloud-based management, FortiSASE is easy to deploy, manage, and maintain, making it well-suited for SMBs that often have limited resources and expertise when it comes to cybersecurity.

According to Camille Peninque, Global Vendor Alliance Director from Exclusive Networks, “SMBs are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals, and they often lack the resources and expertise to defend against sophisticated cyberattacks. FortiSASE is a comprehensive and integrated security solution that is designed to meet the needs of SMBs, providing them with the same level of protection that enterprise-level organizations enjoy, at a price point that is affordable and accessible for SMBs.”

FortiSASE is particularly valuable for SMBs that are increasingly relying on cloud-based services and need a secure way to access those services. By providing cloud-delivered security capabilities, FortiSASE enables SMBs to securely access cloud applications and data, while also providing comprehensive protection for network traffic.

To help SMBs get the most out of FortiSASE and other security solutions from Fortinet, Exclusive Networks has developed a range of programs and initiatives. These include training and certification programs, as well as marketing and sales resources to help SMBs understand the value of Fortinet’s solutions and effectively sell them to their customers.

By partnering with Exclusive Networks and Fortinet, SMBs can gain access to a comprehensive and integrated security solution, as well as the expertise and support of a trusted security partner. This can help SMBs to protect their networks, data, and applications against a wide range of threats, and to do so at a price point that is affordable and accessible for SMBs.

In conclusion, Exclusive Networks’ focus on the SMB segment with FortiSASE is a positive development for the cybersecurity industry. By providing SMBs with easy-to-deploy, manage, and maintain security solutions that provide comprehensive protection against a wide range of threats, Exclusive Networks and Fortinet are helping to level the playing field and provide SMBs with the same level of protection that enterprise-level organizations enjoy. With the increasing threat of cyberattacks facing SMBs, it is essential that SMBs have access to comprehensive and integrated security solutions that meet their unique needs.