New partnership with Nextsense

Veracomp d.o.o. is pleased to announce our new partnership with Nextsense d.o.o., becoming a regional distributor of Nextsense products and services for digital signing, timestamping and secure delivery of e-documents.

Veracomp will offer Nextsense d.o.o. solutions for digital signing of documents – providing exceptional simplicity and proving that digital signatures don’t have to mean digital frustration – throughout the Adriatic region.

Nextsense products help users achieve digital transformation of businesses by implementing digital signing solutions compliant with the eIDAS Regulation. Nextsense bases its portfolio of solutions on the principles of simplification, eliminating unnecessary paperwork and streamlining workflow processes, while retaining a high level of user experience.

Nextsense portfolio of products and services is divided into following segments, each of which can be utilized as a complete individual unit:

  • Nextsense Web Browser Signing Extension
  • Nextsense Signing Server
  • Nextsense Remote Signing
  • Nextsense Time Stamp Authority solution
  • Nextsense Signing Portal
  • Nextsense Single Sign On
  • Nextsense eDelivery

Years of experience and development, as well as practical application in various sectors such as telecommunications, banking and state administration, helped fine-tune each of our products. Nextsense was established in 2001 in Skopje, Macedonia, and specializes in building complete e-business solutions by working with various document-oriented IT companies (Microsoft, Adobe, GFI).

Why should you choose Nextsense when there are other digital signing solutions available on the market? If you use more than one online banking and transaction signing systems, you’ve probably come to realize that existing solutions simply do not meet complex expectations of today’s businesses. How much time and Java updates do you need to process a simple transaction? On the other hand, need for digital signing and timestamping of documents was never higher. From this aspect, our role as a value-added distributor means we want to offer only the best solutions tackling these problems – products that integrate innovative and modern technologies, such as those that Nextsense brings to the market.

– explained Aleksandar Stančin, Member of the Board, Veracomp d.o.o.

Click here for more information on Nextsense products and services.

Nextsense solutions will be offered to end users in the Adriatic Region through the Veracomp d.o.o. sales partner network