Polycom EagleEye Director II: Ideal camera for large classrooms

Polycom EagleEye Director II introduced last year brings even more big news with the latest upgrade.

The all-new Cascading Mode lets you connect two EagleEye Director II cameras on a single Group Series video conferencing codec.

Why cascade two EagleEye Director systems?

Due to both cameras being mounted on a base next to each other, they both cover the space from a single angle. Such setup is great for conferencing rooms with presentation monitors/projectors on one wall and where all participants are facing in one direction. However, a single automatic people-tracking system will not be enough to cover lecture halls or classrooms where not all participants are facing in the same direction during videoconferencing and are interacting with each other in addition to the active person speaking.


Two cascading sets of EagleEye Director II systems can be used in rooms shown in the photos showing their actual setup. Click here to watch an overview of EagleEye Director II Cascading Mode.

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