SSL certificates: authentication and signing content with Entrust

In early 2017, Google initiated the first phase of its plan to display all http pages as unsecure in its Chrome web browser. It is no secret that the presence of an SSL certificate on a website affects how that website is ranked on Googles highly popular search engine.

Entrust Datacard as one of the leading security companies is primarily focused on Extended Validation Certificates, with specially developed management tools and various subscription models which make it stand out from competition. We would like to highlight the so-called pooling model which enables you to cancel a certificate or issue a new certificate at no additional cost. Certificates issued by such recognized source guarantee the availability of service and above average authentication speed in more than 99.9% of cases.

In addition to speed, when choosing certificates try to avoid niche vendors whose only advantage is the price because Google, Apple and Mozilla regularly monitor and remove various issuers of certificates (recently, WoSign and StartCom). Are minimum cost savings with regard to effective service unavailability really worth it when the certificate, or its root, can easily be revoked. Our offer also includes code and document signing certificates. Detailed overview of the pooling model is shown in the table below.

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