Symantec is Named the Leader in Secure Web Gateways by Gartner Magic Quadrant for the Tenth Time

The new Gartner Report for Secure Web Gateway products released in early June didnt surprise anyone who is well-versed and closely follows developments on the security market. Although Blue Coat disappeared from the Magic Quadrant, this shouldnt cause any concern since the technology is still here under a different name, and we have a new player using the Symantec logo among the Leaders.  Symantecs last years acquisition of Blue Coat strengthened its position in the web traffic protection and control segment while adding to its portfolio a product which was named a leading SWG solution on the market for the tenth time. Symantec is also the only Leader according to Gartner who has on-premise, cloud and hybrid SWG solutions tailored to the needs of customers.

In addition to strengthening its SWG offering, Symantec has done an excellent job of integrating the existing portfolio with legacy Blue Coat products and offering its customers truly comprehensive protection of all critical points: endpoints, web and email, as well as ensuring visibility and control of cloud applications and protection from  deliberate and unintentional disclosure of confidential information in the network and in cloud applications using leading DLP solution .

Download the new Gartner 2017 report from the Symantec website and read why Symantec SWG is one of the top solution on the market.