Tenable Network Security at Veracomp

Veracomp d.o.o. became the official distributor for Tenable Network Security, manufacturer of one of the first vulnerability assessment and scanning systems – Nessus.

Tenable Network Security products are designed for detecting and identifying system risks and vulnerabilities. They provide users with uninterrupted visibility and context about activities within the network or over exposed resources. Tenable’s products enable companies  to priorities protection and detection of threats while reducing their exposure to risk. This is particularly important for companies operating under the financial or government sector which are exposed to increased pressure by security or legal regulations.

Tenable Network Security product portfolio is divided into vulnerability scanning, vulnerability analytics and continuous monitoring segments.

Aleksandar Stančin, Member of the Management Board, Veracomp d.o.o.:

I first heard of Nessus in 1999, at a time when IT security was still just a compulsive hobby of mine. Fast forward 17 years and weve established contact with Tenable in 2016, which resulted in cooperation and signing of a distribution agreement, with inevitable throwback to my student days. From the perspective of our security products portfolio, this is a welcome piece of the puzzle that brings us closer to a wider picture a well-rounded assortment of interoperable security solutions that offer the highest possible level of protection to any company concerned about the safety of its data. If you have not yet tried Nessus, and I personally think that all members of the IT security community have at least heard of it, I suggest you try it out without any obligation.

Veracomp was established in 1991 in Poland and is one of the largest Value Added Distributors in the CEE region. Tenable Network Security solutions will be offered to end users in the Adriatic region via the Veracomp d.o.o. sales partner network.

Veracomp Adriatics’ portfolio includes security, network, telecommunications and data center solutions.. As a Value Added Distributor (VAD), Veracomp offers presales and technical support, educational and consulting services for partners including advanced logistics services, and business and marketing support.

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