Trend Micro™ PHISH INSIGHT Free Phishing Simulation Service

Would a phishing scam fool your employees? Discover in minutes, then teach them how to resist phishing attacks.

Despite being one of the oldest scams on the internet, phishing and spear-phishing, in which a specific individual is targeted, continue to be a significant problem for both individuals and organizations. Enhancing your employees’ awareness about phishing is crucial in order to keep your organization safe.

“Phishing is one of the greatest and most time consuming challenges security professionals face today.” BlackHat 2017 survey, Portrait of an Imminent Cyberthreat

Trend Micro™ Phish Insight is a completely free phishing simulation service that tests the security awareness of employees against social engineering, and educates them to quickly and efficiently spot attacks. Phish Insight lets you test what could happen to your organization before the hackers try.

Phish Insight gives you the ability to launch a real-life phishing campaign with customizable email templates that ask recipients to click links, enter data or download an attachment.

Start a Realistic and Safe Phishing Attack in less than 5 Minutes:

  • Identify recipients: Create or import a list of employees to test
  • Select a template: Choose from dozens of templates, covering a range of topics including social, office communications, finances and contracts, security, software update, news and events.
  • Customize: Templates are editable so you can make them fit your organization’s style.
  • Launch campaign: Start or schedule your campaign.

Key Benefits

  • Raise employee phishing awareness to reduce risk
  • No budget needed – completely free
  • Low administration effort – start a phishing simulation in 5 minutes

Offer Training to Those in Need: Educate employees on how to recognize and respond to a malicious phishing email attack the next time. Phish Insight provides interactive training that helps employees understand the characteristics of phishing emails, and how to differentiate between spam, phishing and legitimate emails, with a quiz at the end to evaluate the employees’ learning progress.

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