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SD-WAN Webinar

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With most companies and organisations in the midst of digital
transformation, more services are being pushed in to the cloud
which in turn is causing issues with traditional architecture.
SD-WAN is the technology providing high performance
access to cloud applications, allowing a more agile network.
However, to make SD-WAN secure Fortinet uses SX.
When these teams work together, they can strategically
address the legitimate security concerns surrounding SD-WAN:

– Securing an expanded attack surface created by
DX initiatives and the SD-WAN infrastructure itself.
– Ensuring that malware that enters the network
does not travel horizontally.
– Compensating for the lack of trained IT security
staff at some remote locations.
– Providing networkwide visibility and centralized
security controls for the entire enterprise.

This in depth webinar will provide you with the
knowledge surrounding SD-WAN and what impact it can make
to companies and organisations.

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12/12/2018 13:00 to 13:30

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