Attack Signal Intelligence

Have you heard of the “unknown threat”?  It’s when you think you have been breached, but you don’t know it.  Now I hear you think: this can’t be the majority of companies, right?  Wrong!  ¾ of security teams don’t know where they are compromised right now.  Which is why the unknown threat is the single biggest cybersecurity risk today.

So where are all these unknown threats coming from?

  • More attack surface exposure  = more tools = more complexity.
  • More evasive attackers = more rules = more alerts and more tuning.
  • More alert rules to tune and maintain = more analysts = more work and more burnout


Vectra Attack Signal Intelligence

Vectra is committed to erasing the unknown and reducing all the “more”s.  They do not focus on collecting more data but collecting and analyzing the right data in the right way.  That way security teams can do more with less tools, less work and in less time.

Vectra’s Attack Signal Intelligence will tell security teams  what matters.  With its double AI layer spitting through your data, Vectra customers are 85% more efficient in identifying actual threats and achieve higher security productivity.


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