Re-Evaluate your MFA

Why is MFA more important than ever?

80% of all data breaches involve  stolen credentials.  MFA is the ultimate proven solution to block identity-based attacks as user accounts are 99,9% less likely to be compromised if you use MFA.

MFA Challenges

  • Installing agents or placing proxies results in only partial coverage that leaves critical resources exposed to identity based attacks without MFA protection.
  • The inability to protect all access interfaces (eg CMD, remote PowerShell,…) with MFA creates a severe security weakness
  • Different types of networks (on-prem, cloud,…) require a dedicated MFA solution which translates in more complicated login for users and an inconsistent level of protection across all access policies.

Three approaches to MFA

  • Single solution: simple to deploy but with critical coverage gaps
  • Multiple solution: wider (tough still incomplete) protection but complex to manage
  • Unified identity protection platform: 1 solution covering all resources and access interfaces


The Silverfort approach

Silverfort utilizes agentless and proxyless technology to extend MFA to any resource and access interface across the on-prem and multi-cloud enterprise environment.  You can use Silverfort as the single MFA solution in your environment or add it to your existing MFA solutions.


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