Your services portfolio
made simple

Global Services Operation (GSO) is a full lifecycle service wrap of professional global services available when and where you need it. Focused on outcomes, it delivers true added value to plug the gaps in your own local service capabilities.

Think of it as part of your team, working alongside your people, giving you the potential to expand your service offering globally.



Turning concepts into solutions

For when projects need scoping, not simply fulfilment. Technical discovery and fact finding. Understanding what is in place today and how it can be enhanced.

  • Wireless surveys
  • Comms room audits
  • Desk-side end user audits
  • Configuration assessments
  • Technical workshops
  • High and low-level designs

Delivering consistency
across the world

The key to successful deployments is preparation, communication and control. Our skills and scale deliver a high quality, consistent customer experience, worldwide.

  • Pre-staging
  • Logistics (IOR in >195 countries) & compliance
  • Install & testing
  • Remote/onsite configuration
  • Project management
  • Handover training

Technology investment peace of mind

Your customers can relax and be confident that their infrastructure is in safe hands. GSO orchestrates support delivered by highly skilled technical people via our 24/7 command and control centres.


24 x 7 x 365 technical assistance

Incident management

Vendor and service provider management

Sub 15 second call answer with >97% SLA

White labelled service

Flexible skills and coverage hours


SLA driven hardware maintenance

24 x 7 incident management and dispatch

Onsite response SLAs: 4 hour & NBD

Flexible services: engineer, part or both

Coverage in over 150 countries

RMA and reverse logistics management


Network equipment monitoring

Event management and notification

Packet loss, response time, availability, utilisation

Client facing dashboard

Regular network health reports

Asset visibility


Dedicated on-site IT support engineers

End user and desk side support

Smarthands for infrastructure support

Jargon free, user friendly local advice

Client branded

Long and short term cover

Simplifying sustainability

We help businesses carry out their duty of care to operate in an ecologically responsible way. Our sustainability services simplify and manage the end-of-life process for technology solutions, enabling customers to reduce environmental impact while executing IT transformation.

  • Asset audits
  • Decommissioning
  • Reverse logistics
  • Reuse and resale options
  • WEEE (and equivalent) recycling
  • Blancco certificated wipe, shred and destruction

Use cases: Tangible Results


  • Which vendors does GSO cover?

    We provide services across multiple vendors in the following technology areas: End User Technology, Wireless, Cyber-Security, Data Communications, Unified Communications and Cloud.

  • How many engineers does GSO have?

    Within our global network, we have access to around 5000 engineers.

  • How many countries does GSO operate in?

    Our network extends globally, and we have contracts in over 150 countries today. Check our Interactive Map for our coverage.

  • Does GSO compete with my own professional services?

    No. All GSO services can be consumed A La Carte. Where customers identify a gap in their capabilities, they can use GSO global coverage and skills to fill that gap in a collaborative partnership.

  • How is GSO different from its competitors?

    We focus on culture, flexibility and agility. We can move as quickly as our customers need us to and instead of selling pre-conceived services, we listen to and understand our customers’ service requirements so that we deliver exactly what they require. We also understand that humans deliver the services and humans are consuming the services, so our focus on ensuring that our people understand and fit our customers’ cultures ensures seamless delivery and high customer satisfaction.

Discuss your projects with us and let us know how we can be an extension of your team