Good reasons for Cortex

Less warning messages, continuous automation, mature safety procedures


Reduction of warning messages


Faster examinations


Automated defence measures

Cortex Products



Cortex XDR

Cortex XDR™, the threat detection and prevention platform, features, among other things, the use of integrated endpoint, network and cloud data.

Cortex XSOAR

With Cortex XSOAR – the industry’s leading security orchestration, automation and defence (SOAR) platform – you can manage alerts, standardise processes and automate actions from over 300 third-party products.

Cortex Data Lake

The Cortex Data Lake collects, converts and integrates all of an organisation’s security-related data for use by Palo Alto Networks’ network security solutions.


Tap into an extremely rich source of context-enriched data for threat prevention, detection and response.

What problems does Cortex solve?