Netskope – VPN Vacation Virtual Event


In this virtual workshop, we will discuss the benefits of retiring your legacy remote-access VPN. While once effective, remote access VPNs have since proven inadequate in meeting the needs of today’s remote and hybrid workforces. In addition, this project converges your security and infrastructure teams, but still needs to solve the critical business issues of each.
Learn how to modernize your networking infrastructure with ZTNA Next.
What we’ll discuss:
• Challenges with legacy remote-access VPNs
• Remote access VPN alternatives
• Traditional ZTNA implementation concerns
• ZTNA Next, key use cases, and getting started with your free 14-day trial of Netskope Private Access

Our presenter is Paul Beyleveld who is a seasoned cyber security professional with over 20 years in the industry, Paul has spent his career designing & consulting solutions to protect customers across various verticals, including finance, healthcare, and government. His strong technical background spans file, disk and email encryption, network security, web, email security and endpoint security – delivering solutions and contributing to the architecture, implementation and adoption of cutting-edge security technologies for top cyber security companies including Netskope, Cisco Systems and Exclusive networks.

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