Unlock the vast potential of cloud computing with Arcitura

Convert more sales opportunities and evolve your business with valuable, industry-recognised certifications in cloud expertise.

Don’t be left behind… As a specialist centre of excellence for cloud transformation, Exclusive Networks will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skills to take maximum advantage. We can help you profit from the skills crisis in cloud, as others struggle to cope with the pace of change.

Through our global alliance with Arcitura, you can gain skills that convert huge cloud transformation opportunities, meet new customer challenges and exploit the latest innovations.

  • Increase relevance with cloud-minded customers
  • Optimise wallet share
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Maximise breadth of solutions and services
  • Accelerate business transformation
  • Sell certified cloud education programmes to end customers

Vendor neutral, project ready training

Don’t silo your knowledge on a single cloud platform. Unlike vendor-specific training courses from AWS, Azure and Google, CCP expands your understanding and allows you and your customers to access the full spectrum of cloud possibilities.

The CCP programme offers internationally recognised industry certifications through highly modular, easy to understand courses. With flexible exam formats and delivery options you can acquire the skills needed to convert significant extra revenue by leveraging CCP certifications.


Why Choose CCP  training?

There is no future for an IT/tech organisation without cloud competence and credibility. It is not to late too get to a certified level of expertise and build on it with new skills.

Increase revenue from cloud transformation projects.

Optimise wallet share with existing customers.

Acquire more net-new customers.

Differentiate from competitors.

Add margin and value to existing solutions and services.

Increase customer loyalty and relevance.

Become a trusted advisor for the assessment of new cloud products, platforms and services.

Create a new revenue stream by selling CCP to end customers.

Global Service, Delivered Locally

Through its alliance with Arcitura, Exclusive Networks can offer both training and examinations for each CCP course and certification track. Courses can be taken via an Exclusive Networks training/testing centres or via private on-site or virtual workshops. eLearning study kits are also available. Examinations and exam retakes can be taken during private on-site workshops, at Passport testing centres, at Pearson VUE testing centres and via Pearson VUE online.

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