The Power of One

Exclusive Networks and SentinelOne – One Vision, One Mission, One Goal.

One is an expression of unity – the whole of something, a single entity or multiple entities acting in unison. It commonly denotes the first, leading, or top thing in a group. This is where the power really lies.

Three continents, Two cyber leaders, One global force

Exclusive Networks and SentinelOne have enjoyed a long and successful relationship spanning 8 years. As our preferred partner in the XDR endpoint security market, SentinelOne is a strategic partner with strong synergies and alliances with other portfolio vendors including Netskope and Mimecast, giving our partners a differentiated market proposition.

Our partnership began back in 2016 when we joined forces and set out on a mission to redefine cybersecurity, disrupting the endpoint security market and bringing a new and innovative offering to the world.

From modest beginnings in the UK our partnership quickly flourished, expanding into all major markets across EMEA. The success in EMEA soon led to further expansion, this time into the APAC region. Again with similar results. Fast forward to today and our partnership with SentinelOne is a truly global one, having expanded our relationship into North America in early 2023.

But we’re not resting on our laurels. Our joint mission continues. We remain relentlessly focused on growing SentinelOne’s market share. In fact, last year in the UK we grew the SentinelOne partner ecosystem by 10%, leading to a 32% increase in end user customers. What’s more, the average deal size increased by 51% with the volume of deals up 11%.

Across EMEA where we have sole distribution rights in 26 countries, we grew SentinelOne sales by 54%; increased the number of trading partners by 35%; and saw a 34% increase in end user customers. Our goal in 2024 is to achieve a further 50% growth.

SentinelOne is also a key vendor partner trading on Exclusive’s on demand subscription platform, X-OD. By enabling MSSPs to consume SentinelOne’s solutions as an on demand subscription service, growth of SentinelOne on X-OD increased by 35% in 2023, with active trading MSSP partners increasing to just shy of 300.

So, what is the secret of our joint success?

All for One and One for all

The attributes of a true partnership are mutual respect and trust. A shared vision and a common goal. Values that define who we are, a culture that drives us forward and actions that further our cause. Our longstanding and successful relationship with SentinelOne has been built on these foundations.

Our partnership is powered by a ‘one team’ mindset that continually challenges ourselves and each other to achieve more. The combination of Exclusive, SentinelOne and our partner ecosystem creates a compounding effect for continued growth. It’s a case of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

This compounding effect can create a powerful force. The accumulation of small actions can lead to big results. Think of the butterfly effect and the idea that a butterfly flapping its wings on one side of the world can cause a tornado on the other side of the world. Whilst this can sound far fetched, small actions, done effectively and continuously over time can lead to huge results.

Even a number as small as one can achieve significant growth when compounded over time.  James Clear, the author of the New York Times best seller, Atomic Habits, shows that if you get 1% better every day for one year, you will be 37 times better by the end of it.

But there’s a limit to how much vision, values and culture can drive growth. Technology and innovation are critical factors for success. SentinelOne ticks both these boxes.

SentinelOne, Cyberattacks Nil

Cybersecurity is a team sport. Defeating cyberattacks is the goal and results really matter. Losing is not an option. SentinelOne defends against cyberattacks at the speed, scale and accuracy not achievable by a human alone.

Its Singularity XDR Platform utilises AI-powered prevention, detection, response and threat hunting, to deliver autonomous cybersecurity at machine speed across the entire threat landscape – endpoints, containers, cloud workloads, and IoT devices.

One final thought

It takes an ecosystem to defeat cyber attackers. You have to be lucky all of the time. They only have to be lucky once. So don’t rely on luck, your business demands and deserves more. The challenge is massive but never underestimate the Power of One.