Will Nutanix and Fortinet work for you?

Challenges in the market

With increasing application complexity, driven by distributed services and rapid growth in cloud-based offerings, the need to easily visualise, analyse and secure network communications becomes critical.

Solution Overview

Fortinet and Nutanix form a software-defined solution with secure, scalable, hyperconverged  infrastructure for virtualiSed applications.


Nutanix Flow, FortiGate-VM.

The Law of Data Protection

Use Case: Network Security

  • Key features you will benefit from:
    • The FortiGate-VM running on Nutanix AHV provides deeper visibility into applications and prevents known and unknown threats
    • FortiGate-VM enables data center traffic to be segmented based on the application and then inspected for known and unknown cyber-threats
    • Policy based redirection from Nutanix Flow gives admins granular control over traffic inspection and optimises resource consumption
    • Automation features and centralized management enable you to ensure that security policies can keep pace with any changes in your enterprise cloud environment
  • Will this work for you?
    • Are you an existing Nutanix and/ or Fortinet customer?
    • Do you operate in a highly virtualised/ hyperconverged environment?
    • Do you have an expanding cloud environment?
    • Are you in a highly regulated industry?
  • With Nutanix and Fortinet you will be able to:
    • Segment and control East-West VM traffic
    • utilise advanced L7 security protection and automated remediation
    • Add policy based Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) between VMs
    • Identify and control traffic flowing into your secure environment; limit application access based on users and groups; block known and unknown threats
    • Securely deploy applications faster and scale at the pace of modern business
    • Predictable scale-out architecture to seamlessly expand desktop and server virtualisation pilots to full production deployment


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