Power Up Your NGFW Sales With VM-Series Flex Credits Easy to Sell in One Simple SKU

Extend Your Customers’ NGFW Security to The Cloud



of organisations have
suffered a cloud-based breach –
don’t let your customers be among them!

With over 87% of businesses taking a hybrid cloud strategy, your customers are sure to be developing and hosting applications in multiple public and private clouds. This makes their security posture more fragmented and much harder to manage.

But by adding Palo Alto Networks VM-Series software NGFWs to your sales through one simple extra SKU, your customers can easily extend and scale their best-in-class network security across their multi-cloud environment, and even use them on premises too!

Hybrid Cloud Is Under Attack. Learn To Protect It with Zero Trust.


Flexible, Credit-Based Pricing

VM-Series software NGFWs are sold with credit-based pricing so your customers can flex, scale, and consume their security in a way that matches their fast-changing cloud needs. Credits are reusable and are term-based, where terms can be defined for any period between 1 and 5 years.

With one easy-to-sell Flex Credits SKU: PAN-SOFTWARE-NGFW-CR, and managed through a Customer Support Portal, your customers can massively streamline their procurement cycle thanks to the industry’s most flexible, credit-based consumption model for software NGFWs.

Application developers and DevOps teams can use Flex Credits too to integrate security provisioning into their development lifecycles, and work without interruption while keeping their development environment safe and compliant.

VM-Series software NGFW Credits Estimator

How many software NGFW credits do your customers need? This helpful estimator tool will help you to quickly figure out how to flexibly size and scope Palo Alto Networks VM-Series software NGFWs and CDSS. The base VM-Series NGFW is priced per vCPU, while Cloud-Delivered Security Services (CDSS), and Panorama are calculated as a percentage of the base NGFW.


Simple To Manage

From a virtual Panorama central management console, your customers can define, enforce, and manage a uniform security policy across their entire ecosystem for greater consistency and simplification.

A Customer Support Portal also provides an easy place to keep track of spent and remaining Flex Credits and auth codes and helps customers to determine the cost of any additional NGFWs or CDSS they’d like to procure.


Palo Alto Networks VM-Series software NGFWs deploy quickly with familiar developer cloud tools. According to Forrester, they deliver 115% ROI over 3 years with a 6-month payback period, improve team efficiencies by 80%, and reduce downtime by 67%.

Sell VM-Series Flex Credits today for faster deployment, fewer breaches, cloud-like consumption, more flexibility, and significant savings.

Additional Customer Benefits:

  • Dial security up and down
  • Automate security rapidly in fast-paced environments
  • Integrate security provisioning into DevOps cycles
  • Single pane of glass for management across environments
  • Consistent security policies across hybrid environments
  • Reduced need for expertise with multiple tools

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Flexible Security Consumption from Palo Alto Networks:

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