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Putting a Spotlight on Tenable


 #1 in Vulnerability Management


Why Tenable?


Tenable empowers all organisations to understand and reduce their cybersecurity risk.


With the rise of connected devices and computer platforms, the cyber-attack surface just keeps on growing and shows no signs of slowing down. Simply scanning on-premise IT devices for vulnerabilities is no longer enough.  The digital era requires a new approach.

See Everything.

Predict What Matters.

Act to Reduce Risk.

Tenable’s ‘Cyber Exposure Mission’ aims to improve the security standards of organisations around the world. They seek to equip all organisations with the visibility and insight to answer four critical questions at all times:

  • Where are we exposed?
  • Where should we prioritise based on risk?
  • Are we reducing our exposure over time?
  • How do we compare to our peers?