Rubrik. The Missing Link in your Security Stack.

With Rubrik, Security Comes First.

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Security First

End customers probably already have solutions in place for perimeter, network, endpoint and application security but Rubrik is likely to be the missing link in their security stack.

Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security provides maximum protection against hackers and rapid recovery from attacks. When data is secure, your customer’s business becomes unstoppable.

Rubrik’s security first go to market approach is tried and tested. Together with Rubrik we are here to help you open up new opportunities with your security partners.

Zero Trust

As enterprises adopt data-driven business models to increase agility and access, their data becomes more lucrative for attackers to target.

As ransomware becomes increasingly sophisticated, more enterprises are opting to pay the ransom than ever before. In the face of these challenges, organisations are looking to adopt a holistic, multi-level ransomware response strategy that allows them to resume critical business operations immediately following an attack and avoid paying a ransom.

According to Gartner, by 2025, at least 75% of IT organisations will face one or more attacks. Legacy backup and recovery products can be a liability to business. Rubrik Zero Trust Data Security provides maximum protection against hackers and rapid recovery from attacks. Reduce intrusion risk, locate sensitive data, detect anomalous activity, and contain incidents.

Rubrik’s Security First Go to Market Strategy  is focused on Rubrik’s ransomware remediation through immutable backups, impact assessment, and instant recovery. Rubrik helps customers increase resiliency against ransomware by making it faster and easier to recover from an attack.

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The Security First Playbook

Understand Rubik’s Security First message and positioning and learn how to open up conversations with customers.

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    The Security First Battlecard

    Understand target customers and access discovery questions

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    Guide to Zero Trust Security

    With ransomware attacks are on the rise, no matter how thick your customers’ firewalls are, the bad guys are still getting through. Hackers know that if they can exploit backups, customers have no choice but to pay the ransom. With Rubrik’s Zero Trust Data Management, data is not customers’ last – it is their best line of defence. This campaign will help you to articulate Rubrik’s Security First story to end customers.

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