Forescout – 15 september – 8 december – Live Demos


Live Demos from the Forescout European Engineering Team.

Join us weekly for live 20 mins demos
  • Fri 18 Aug (Network Security)
  • Fri 25 Aug (REM)
  • Fri 1 Sept (TD&R)
  • Fri 8 Sept (OT security)
  • Fri 15 Sept (Network Security)
  • Fri 22 Sept (REM)
  • Fri 29 Sept (TD&R)
  • Fri 6 Oct (OT security)
  • Fri 13 Oct (Network Security)
  • Fri 20 Oct (REM)
  • Fri 27 Oct TD&R)
  • Fri 3 Nov (OT security)
  • Fri 10 Nov (Network Security)
  • Fri 17 Nov (REM)
  • Fri 24 Nov (TD&R)
  • Fri 1 Dec (OT security)
  • Fri 8 Dec (Network Security)


Network Security

Discover, assess and enforce the compliance of all connected assets to ensure network security.

Demo highlights:

  • Hybrid platform for modern on-premise / cloud environments.
  • Continuously discover and classify all physical and virtual devices connected to your network without agents and scans.
  • Assess the security posture of all connected devices and priorities fixes.
  • Report real-time hardware and software asset inventory audits.
  • Continuously assess if networked devices are running up-to-date security software.
  • Limit access to employees when they are of out of compliance.
  • Set policies to automate the controls of vulnerable hosts, unpatched assets or infected systems.
  • Assess devices and restrict, block or quarantine noncompliant systems.
  • Segment access based on device type and security posture to reduce the risks posed by rogue devices or noncompliance.


Risk and Exposure Management

Enhance your network security posture with risk-based prioritization.

Demo highlights:

  • Cloud platform with modern asset view.
  • Maintain a persistent asset inventory that tracks device-status-over-time.
  • Quantification of risk from configuration, function, and behavior.
  • Using risk and exposure attributes to design security policies and remediation workflows.
  • How to leverage risk-based prioritization for incident response.


Threat Detection & Response

Improve Your SOC Efficiency by 450x with better Detection and Response of true threats

Demo highlights:

  • Intuitive UI designed for SOC analysts
  • MITRE ATT® integration
  • Easy to add data sources
  • Automated data enrichment (IP geolocation, user and asset information).
  • Two-stage threat detection engine applies a blend of five detection techniques
  • Tiered storage (Hot, Warm, Cold) with rapid full-text search
  • Comprehensive detection rules with intuitive custom rules creation
  • Pre-configured, customizable, persona-based dashboards
  • Case management integration with 3rd party solutions
  • Integration with other Forescout solutions


OT Security

Reduce operational and security risk in OT/ICS and SCADA environments

Demo highlights:

  • Passive monitoring and DPI of 250+ OT, IoT and IT protocols for in-depth monitoring and non-intrusive OT/ICS vulnerability identification.
  • Active endpoint discovery specific to OT/ICS inventory, audit, and compliance requirements.
  • Integration with network infrastructure to identify assets the moment they connect to the network.
  • Automated OT asset information and configuration change logs for security analysis and compliance reporting.
  • Real-time detection and controls providing guardrails for misconfigurations or operational errors.
  • Intuitive compliance reporting for key standards NERC CIP, EU NIS Directive, NIST CSF and IEC 62443.
  • NAC applied to contractor or remote employees, checking their security posture before granting access to the network and critical assets.
  • Information-sharing across IT and security products, including ITSMs, SIEMs, firewalls, authentication servers, for better situational awareness.
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