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Tufin enables organisations to implement network security changes in the same business day through automation and impact analysis – orchestrating change processes end-to-end across physical environments and hybrid cloud platforms.

The award-winning Tufin Orchestration Suite automatically designs, provisions, analyses and audits network changes from the application layer down to the network layer. It minimises errors and redoes for rapid service delivery, continuous compliance and business continuity.

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  • Rule Lifecycle Management App – The Rule Lifecycle Management App (RLM) is a Tufin Marketplace application that simplifies and manages the rule review and certification process. With this app, you automatically identify expiring or expired rules and map them to their owner(s), enabling simple recertification or decertification of the rule.
  • Workflow Integrator App – Tufin’s Workflow Integrator app integrates with SecureChange to build custom code-free integrations between SecureChange and any other REST API-based solution, such as ITSM, IPAM, Vulnerability Management, SIEM, and more. Organizations can use this solution to enhance their existing change management process, and increase their efficiency with automated data submission and/or retrieval steps.

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