We are currently going through a period of change in remote working and protecting remote workers has certainly created a demand for full end point security at speed.

Canalys recently reported a projected 15.3% year on year growth in the channel market for end point security, with 40% of this in the mid market space.

50% of Fortune 100 deploy Tanium

70% of the top retailers protect their cardholder data with Tanium and meet compliance

Tanium is relied on by the world’s largest enterprises and government agencies

A reminder of the Tanium proposition

You are probably familiar with Tanium, but probably not their mid-market end point security offering. A package that has been created to help harness this opportunity.

A lot of businesses struggle with time and resource constraints. They want to control, optimise and reduce costs all through a single source of truth about the state of their end points.

Tanium has created a centralized, cloud-native endpoint management and security platform, offering a single pane of glass with real-time access to endpoints without the cost and complexity of traditional tools. All designed for the mid-market end user.


Why should you sell Tanium?

There are some key benefits that you will access when you start selling Tanium including:

Tanium’s new Mid-Market Package

Tanium has developed Tanium as a Service or TaaS; the full functionality of the Tanium platform delivered as a fully-managed cloud-based service, with zero customer infrastructure required.

With TaaS, end users can use Tanium without having to install software and maintain virtual or physical servers. The Tanium Core Platform and products are automatically configured and maintained, so that customers can focus on using Tanium to manage endpoints.


How can I start generating leads with Tanium?

We’ve worked with Tanium to develop a campaign out of the box that can help generate end user opportunities. These are available in English, French and German and can be co branded with your organisation.



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