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The partner portal is your first point of call for all your juniper networks support needs.


The Learning Centre

 Getting started with Juniper certification

To gain a full understanding of Juniper certification tracks, download the Juniper Networks learning paths guide by clicking below.


Want to learn more about networking fundamentals? Industry-specific terminology? Get the latest thinking from your networking peers? You’re in the right place.

The learning centre provides you with quick and easy access to:


Have you considered the All-Access Training Pass?

You can SAVE thousands and get unlimited access to all Juniper courses for an entire year! Leverage Juniper’s learning paths to determine the recommended order in which courses should be taken based on your preferred area of concentration. For more details relating to certification please visit Juniper Networks Certification Program page. Visit Juniper Networks Certification Program.

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On-demand courses are also available if you are looking for a specific course or just to brush up on one specific topic.

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The Tech Library

The tech library includes product documentation, the design centre, the learning center, tools and applications and the latest news. These resources will enable you to deepen your product knowledge. Head over here to have a look at the Tech library.


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The Deal Reg Platform

Informing Juniper of any new deals is key and must be done via the deal reg platform.