CipherTrust Manager

CipherTrust Manager is a data security platform that helps customers discover and classify their data, protect it through encryption, efficiently control and secure the encryption keys.

Features & Benefits

• Centralised Key Lifecycle Management
• Unified Management Console
• Simplified Management
• Cloud-Friendly Deployment across all major cloud providers.
• Deployable as a physical appliance
or virtual

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager reduces key management complexity and operational costs by giving customers lifecycle control of encryption keys with centralized management and visibility.

Take control of your cloud encryption keys:

• Leverage the value of “Bring Your Own Key” services with full lifecycle cloud encryption key management.

• Gain higher IT efficiency with centralized key management across multiple cloud environments, automated key rotation and key expiration management.

• Comply with the most stringent data protection mandates with secure key origination.


High Speed Encryption

Thales HSE solutions provide customers with a single platform to ‘encrypt everywhere’— from network traffic between data centres and the headquarters to backup and disaster recovery sites, whether on premises or in the cloud.

Ensuring maximum throughput with minimal latency Thales Network Encryptors allow your customers to better protect their data, video, voice, and metadata from eavesdropping, surveillance, overt and covert interception.


#SME Security Made Easy

Thales offer a simple, cost effective cloud–based bundle to address SME data protection and compliance challenges. Available in the cloud or on-premise these bundles remove data security complexity, accelerate time to compliance, and secure cloud migration.

These two simple SME platform offerings have been specifically created to address the data protection and compliance needs of SMEs, providing them with everything they need to protect and control all their sensitive data, and reduce the cost of non-compliance within a single, consolidated data security platform. This is a great opportunity for you to support a wider range of customers and drive significant run rate revenue through your business.


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