Benefits to Networks Unlimited’s partners as a new stage begins

As the newest member of the Exclusive Networks family, Networks Unlimited, which will become Exclusive Networks Africa, will be assisting a global and listed company in creating a new presence in sub-Saharan Africa.

As Exclusive Networks Africa, we will provide our new ‘parent’ company with access to an additional 38 international markets, while expanding our own worldwide footprint.

This increased access also allows Exclusive Networks to round out a truly pan-EMEA presence which, combined with extensive operations throughout Asia-Pacific and North America, together makes for a compelling global proposition.

In the process, the acquisition will also create more opportunities for the associated vendors and partners, to the benefit of all.

As we move into this next phase of our growth, we trust that our partners will be able to capitalise on this exciting development, particularly in respect to extending sales opportunities with greater access to the African market.

In addition, of course, it’s anticipated that partners will also be able to benefit commercially from the global scale opportunities afforded by being part of the worldwide Exclusive Networks organisation, both within the sub-Saharan region as well as around the world.

There are strong synergies in the cultures, value propositions and vendor portfolios of the two companies, and Exclusive Networks sees tremendous potential in the broader African market, which will be served from offices throughout the continent.

We are proud to play this key role in establishing Exclusive Networks’ new presence in sub-Saharan Africa, and we look forward to continuing to offer the high standards our customers and partners are accustomed to receiving.