Exclusive Networks Africa continues to support children at Tembisa school during holiday season


Exclusive Networks Africa has continued its end-of-year tradition of supporting the children and parents of Nokuphila School in Tembisa, Midrand.

Managing Director Anton Jacobsz outlined that the school is a beneficiary of non-profit educational organisation The Love Trust, which in turn is the 53 percent broad-based black economic empowerment (B-BBEE) partner of Exclusive Networks Africa. This partnership arrangement allows the organisation to support its goal of helping vulnerable children through practical and educational support.

Jacobsz explained: “Times have obviously been very difficult for many local companies and individuals these past two years, and this has filtered down even more so to the most vulnerable members of our communities. Under the umbrella of The Love Trust, Nokuphila School provides quality education, supplemented by nutrition and access to transport, to underprivileged and vulnerable children who attend the school.”

Employees from the Exclusive Networks Africa marketing team visited the school recently and donated 38 grocery food packs, including mainly everyday essentials such as fruit juice, tea, sugar, flour, vegetables, pasta and maize. The donation was made by Exclusive Networks Africa’s employees as individuals, as well as a significant portion from the Cybersecurity Business Unit.

A Head of Department at the school, Mabel Sikhakhane, clarified: “The food parcels are much needed by the families that the Nokuphila School supports. We provide meals and food parcels on a weekly basis to our most vulnerable families. The meal provided is often the only source of food for the day for many pupils, so during the festive season, the children often have no meals at all, which is why these parcels are much needed during this time.

“The parents who received the parcels were extremely thankful. It is evident that the work The Love Trust, Literacy for Life and Nokuphila do in these communities is of paramount importance, and the community members are extremely appreciative of their efforts.”

“As a cyber security organisation, we believe in providing security in all aspects, from cybersecurity for organisations, to quality-of-life security, to vulnerable individuals,” added Jacobsz.  “We thank our sponsors Fortinet, SentinelOne, and Tenable and all involved in making this initiative possible.

“We are pleased to offer our continued support to Nokuphila School and The Love Trust. Showing our care and concern extends beyond only educational needs, because hungry children cannot grow, learn and develop optimally. We are humbled to play a role in making sure that these vulnerable children and families are looked after nutritionally during this holiday season,” he concluded.