New distribution in Veracomp portfolio – Fortinet

Belgrade, February 22nd 2019

Fortinet Inc & Veracomp d.o.o. signed the agreement to distribute Fortinet security solutions in the Adriatic territory

This contract will allow Veracomp to distribute Fortinet solutions across its territory, and provide leading products for securing network and ICT systems.

Fortinet ( allows companies to maintain excellent security posture and high level of protection from all kinds of threats as well as complete visibility of suspicious communications, regardless of form factor or location. Fortinet is best known for its market leading Next Generation Firewall, but it also provides products that cover a more broad security coverage, products like:

  • Secure Web Gateway
  • Secure Email Gateway
  • Secure WiFI
  • IoT
  • ADC
  • DdoS
  • and many more

Why Fortinet? If you are using more than one IT security system you are aware how difficult it can be to manage them while at the same time allowing business to go on uniterupted. Fortinet Security Fabric succesfully addresses all these concerns, covers a broad security solution portfolio with integration and automatisation to simplify day to day IT operations. You do not need to believe brochures or market analysis. Identify a problem that troubles you and give it a try yourself.  The answer will not surprise you, but it will give you a proof why Fortinet is the market leader when it comes to security.

Veracomp, established in 1991, Krakow, Poland, is one of the largest VAD’s in CEE region. Fortinet solutions will be distributed to the market via Veracomp network of skilled partners.

We distribute market leaders in segments of security, networking, telecommunications and data center. As a Value Added Distributer, Veracomp offers presales support to its partners, trainings and enablement, as well as advanced services of logistics and marketing.