Session 1: 5 July 10:00 BST
A Security State of Mind

Join us for the first in our three-part interactive advisory series dedicated to cybersecurity.

We begin with an exploration of the cybersecurity landscape as a whole and why cybersecurity needs to be a high priority for all businesses.

Join Richard Foulkes, Chief Solution Architect at Exclusive Networks, as he guides you through all things cybersecurity:
• Why is cybersecurity so confusing, and how can we simplify it?
• Market trends and statistics
• Cybersecurity threats!
• The importance of cybersecurity
• Where to start on your cybersecurity journey

At a time when digital technologies power commerce around the world, the need for a secure digital infrastructure has never been more important, and we are here to help businesses on their journey to secure digital future.

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Session 2: 26 July 10am BST
Rage Against the Ransomware Machine

In the time it takes you to read this email, another 4 businesses will have suffered a ransomware attack!!

It is a huge risk to businesses around the globe, and the frequency of attacks continues to grow at an alarming rate.

This webinar explores the threat in more detail and how businesses can put in place a strategy to minimise their risk:
• What is ransomware, and why is it so accessible to cyber-criminals?
• Cyber-resilience in the face of ransomware
• What to consider before, during and after an attack

With average cost of recovering from ransomware reported at around $1,85 million, it is time for businesses to rage against the ransomware machine!!

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Session 3: 17 August 10am BST
Head in the Hybrid Cloud

In our final interactive advisory session we take you on a journey to the clouds!

The pandemic is said to have accelerated digital transformation by around 4 years with the shift to remote working having a significant impact on businesses.

Listen in as we look at how the hybrid-workforce has meant that the traditional perimeter security has become rapidly outdated, and how a cloud approach can benefit your business:
• Do you have to move to the cloud?
• The benefits of a hybrid-cloud approach
• Where does DevOps and DevSecOps fit in?
• How to secure the cloud

Join us and learn why it is ok to have your head in the hybrid-clouds.

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