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F5 Networks este liderul global in Application Delivery Networking. Solutiile hardware, software si virtuale ale companiei ajuta organizatiile sa abordeze cu succes cresterea permanenta a traficului de voce, date si video asa incat sa sustina angajatii si aplicatiile mobile — din centrul de date, retea si cloud. Arhitectura scalabila a solutiilor F5 ofera posibilitatea de optimizare a aplicatiilor, protectie pentru aplicatii si retea si capacitatea de a imbunatati aplicatiile.

Solutii F5 Networks


A blend of software and hardware that’s a load balancer and a full proxy. It gives you the ability to control the traffic that passes through your network, optimizing performance.


Given that most breaches happen at the app level, protecting your data means thinking about app security first. Our integrated security suite, backed by 24/7 access to our security experts, protects all your apps against constantly evolving threats.


BIG-IP Cloud Edition offers a new way to deliver dedicated and right-sized application services and support app teams’ need for greater flexibility and speed—while enabling operations teams to enforce consistent network and security policies across the entire application portfolio.


Application-centric management and orchestration

While BIG-IQ provides a single pane-of-glass management for all your F5 solutions, it also delivers application-specific management. And together, BIG-IQ and per-app VEs form BIG-IP Cloud Edition—a new solution for enabling DevOps and application developers to view the health and security of their application, modify network services, and even spin up or spin down virtual BIG-IP instances as their business needs change.


Turnkey integrations

Get the right platform for your business, whether you deploy your applications on-premises, in the cloud, or both. Hardware appliances include the new BIG-IP iSeries or our high-performing VIPRION chassis and blades. Software options are available through BIG-IP virtual edition or BIG-IP Cloud Edition.

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