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Passwordless Devices:


An Opportunity for Every Partner

Passwords: A World of Insecurity

most common passwords in 2020: ‘123456789’ ‘password’

of data breaches are related to weak or stolen passwords

of Helpdesk calls are password-related

of users reuse the same password across accounts

of online purchases are abandoned due to forgotten passwords

is the average Helpdesk cost for a password reset

About FIDO2

FIDO2: Replacing Password-Only Authentication


Insecure password logins are responsible for over 80% of data breaches. That’s why the industry-wide FIDO (Fast ID Online) Alliance was set up to find fast and secure alternatives to using password-only authentication for accessing apps and websites. FIDO2 removes the risk of phishing scams, hackers and keyloggers launching cyberattacks by exploiting weak passwords.

Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Devices: The High-Opportunity Passwordless Solution

Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Devices offer an exceptional passwordless solution that presents EXN partners with a huge opportunity to grow additional revenues. Thanks to its long-established reputation in Data Protection and Identity & Access Management (IAM), and its one billion euro in self-funded R&D budget, Thales CPL is ideally placed to bring Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Devices to market.

What makes Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Devices really stand out from other FIDO solutions?

Extra-Robust Security:

Thales hardware, software and crypto-libraries.

Multiple Use Cases:

Mobile endpoints, remote access, cloud and much more.

Stronger Compliance:

Certifications for FIPS, CC, U2F and FIDO2.


Easy Integration:

Devices compatible with Azure AD and Microsoft-verified.


Passwordless devices are easy to plug in and manage.

Wide Range of Devices:

Covers multiple physical and logical access scenarios.

Learn More About the Benefits:

… With our Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Devices one-pager


Cyberspark Podcast

Weak passwords are now the most significant cause of identity theft and security breaches.

As more people work remotely and organisations increasingly turn to cloud-based applications, the threat of improper password use is set to grow. Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Devices offer customers a highly secure FIDO2 authentication solution that bypasses the threat of password misuse.

Vanessa Cardwell, Global Vendor Marketing Manager at Exclusive Networks, discusses the benefits of FIDO2 with Guido Gerrits, Channel Director for EMEA at Thales.


See Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Devices in Action

Grow Your Revenue with Passwordless. Join a Webinar.

Join a FIDO2 Webinar to begin your passwordless journey.

What will it mean for your customers to switch from passwords to FIDO2 authentication? How will it ease their user experience and boost their security? How can you use Thales FIDO2 Passwordless Devices to build extra revenue streams from new and existing accounts?


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      About Thales

      A pioneer in cloud-based authentication

      • 30 years of experience in Data Protection and Identity & Access Management
      • 25,000+ Customers
      • 30 million users
      • 4.5 million paying subscribers
      • 68 countries
      • 81,000 employees
      • 1 billion euros of self-funded R&D

      Thales has a 30-year track record in Data Protection and Identity & Access Management. With over 25,000 customers and 30 million users in 68 countries, Thales is a pioneer in cloud-based authentication, with more than 4.5 million paying subscribers worldwide. Thales gives its partners the backing of an industry-leading technology company with over 81,000 employees, one billion euros in self-funded R&D and a revenue of 16.2 billion euros.


      Five Reasons to love FIDO2 Devices

      Strong yet convenient authentication has become a paramount factor of a robust security posture for modern, digital, cloud-first enterprises. The increased adoption of multiple cloud platforms and services and hybrid work norms have blurred the traditional business boundaries and made the need for access security a necessity. However, strong access controls need to be user-convenient; otherwise, productivity will be hampered.

      Security and convenience can go hand-in-hand if enterprises elect for a solution that supports both multi-factor authentication and passwordless identity verification. This is the first blog in a series of three that will cover the reasons for choosing FIDO2 devices, an introduction to the latest FIDO2 security key releases from Thales, and an overview of Thales’ dedicated FIDO2 security key customized for Azure.


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