INFOBLOX WEBINAR: Strengthen and Optimize Your Security Posture from the DNS Foundation Up

DATE: Wednesday, September 23rd, 2020
TIME: 12:00 PM Eastern European Summer Time

BloxOne Threat Defense uses DNS as the first line of defense for more effective visibility, automation, and everywhere protection while reducing the cost of threat defense.  REST APIs, along with dozens of out-of-the-box integrations, help uplift the effectiveness of the entire security stack.  Available as a hybrid solution, BloxOne Threat Defense takes advantage of the scale and flexibility of the cloud, while tightly integrating with on-premises infrastructure for a “best of both worlds” scenario. 

This webinar will blend presentation and demonstration to give attendees an overview of BloxOne Threat Defense and a feel for its ease of use despite its comprehensive security offering.  Capabilities to be discussed include:

  • Aggregating and sharing IoCs across defenses
  • Applying AI/ML analytics for identifying advanced threats
  • Securing DNS against increasingly common threat activity
  • Leveraging metadata for an enhanced automated response
  • Improving SecOps productivity and effectiveness
  • Integrating the security stack with DNS defenses for better ROI


Bob Hansmann, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Security, Infoblox

Bob Hansmann is a 30-year cybersecurity veteran having started writing virus detection scripts in the ’90s. He was an early contributor to BYTE Magazine, Home computing, and other computing publications providing visibility of the potential benefits and risks of emerging technologies until he began working for leading security vendors to highlight shifts in the threat landscape and the solutions available to mitigate them. He enjoys the mountains he typically lives around and is an avid online gamer, having been internationally ranked in several. He currently heads a family with 3 generations of developers and security analysts, so he sometimes finds it hard to differentiate work from family time.

Kevin Zettel, Technical Marketing Engineer, Infoblox

Kevin Zettel is a security-focused Technical Marketing Engineer who works with Infoblox to lock down the DNS and secure it for enterprises. Kevin knows that security is the center focus of companies and believes that without security, industries will unquestionably fall apart. Kevin has managed many security vendors such as McAfee, Cisco, Palo Alto, ServiceNow and many others. He knows the security landscape and sees the necessity and demand that businesses have to secure their capital. With a degree from Central Washington University and education in programming, Kevin has the Technical Know how to get secured!