DATE: Sept 23, 2020
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FortiSOAR is a holistic and enterprise-built security orchestration and security automation workbench that empowers security operation teams. FortiSOAR increases a team’s effectiveness by increasing efficiency, allowing for response in near real time.

As the attack surface continuously expands due to evolving threats and new digital innovations being added to networks, organizations must simultaneously adapt their deployed cybersecurity defenses. Simply adding more monitoring tools across the infrastructure can mean increased alerts for security teams to investigate, more context switching during the investigation process, and lagging response times to potential breaches. Subsequently, this can lead to staff challenges such as alert fatigue and talent shortages, which yield even slower defensive responses to attacks.

The addition of Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) capabilities to the security stack can alleviate this while helping organizations be nimble to an ever-evolving threat landscape. As part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiSOAR allows SOC teams to create a custom automated framework that pulls together all of the organization’s security tools to eliminate alert fatigue and reduce context switching. This enables security teams to not only adapt, but also optimize their security processes.

In this workshop, participants learn how FortiSOAR takes your security operation team to the next level by automating the incident response process and facilitating collaboration, all behind a single console.