Trend Micro Celebrates 35 Years of Consistent Success

Trend Micro celebrates 35 years of sustainable success in making the world safe for exchanging digital information across clouds, networks, devices, and endpoints. Despite fierce competition and unpredictable threats, Trend continues to achieve success and stay focused on its mission. “It is impressive for any company to last 35 years. It is a remarkable feat in the world of technology and cybersecurity. Trend Micro exists in a very competitive market where it is very easy to stumble or fizzle out, and yet, here we are. I look forward to seeing what Trend Micro can accomplish in the next 35 years.” – Tony Bradley, Forbes Report.”

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Trend Cloud ONE

Peer Review – Trend Cloud One: “Trend has a long-standing reputation for providing endpoint protection but has now included multi-cloud protections and full end-to-end detection and response. No matter what the workload is or how it is architected, Trend has a product. Instead of picking siloed security solutions that I have to integrate and fill blind spots, I can use Trend to understand the security posture of my entire organization; back-office IT or containerized microservice.” – CIO, Energy and Utilities (5-stars).


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DevOps Resource Center (DORC): New technical how-to’s and best practices to help integrate security into the DevOps pipeline.

NEW! Essential Access Customer Webpage: With Essential Access, you can begin to assess, evaluate, and visualize company-wide risk within your environment using a limited but powerful set of apps and features at no added cost.



ESG ‘The XDR Payoff’ Report: For organizations that are already struggling to keep up, XDR offers an accelerant to increase both visibility and throughput. For organizations that have already invested in building custom data pipelines and analysis tools, XDR offers a new path to simplify the process to achieve similar results.



‘3 Way to Evolve Your Security Operations’ (eBook): Enabling organizations to meet the needs of their digital transformation and to face threats yet to come requires a more comprehensive approach to security that can grow with them into the future.



‘Your Risk Score Explained’ Report: Developing a resilient security posture requires a thorough and holistic understanding of the amount of risk the systems and applications making up your corporate environment face. To assess this risk quickly and accurately, Trend Vision One™ Risk Insights surfaces continuously updated metrics. This distills complex information into easy-to-understand individual asset risk scores, as well as a company-wide risk index.



Peer Review – Trend Vision One: “Trend Micro products work together in concert and their effectiveness is far greater than the sum of individual components. Trend Vision One combines telemetry across multiple security layers, applies user-configurable threat intelligence feeds, correlates events over an extended period, and allows configurable manual and automated response actions tailored for one’s own infrastructure.” – VP, Security Operations, Energy and Utilities (5-stars).



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