Trend Micro Threat Defense Challenge – Save the date for that Veracomp event!


Trend Micro Threat Hunting Day | Defense Challenge| December 13th 2021 | 10:00

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Join us for the Trend Micro Threat Defense Challenge and prove it! Put your skills to the test, where you’ll attempt to stop a cyberattack in real time.

For a day, compete alongside your peers to win big prizes ( Smart Vacuum Cleaner, Awesome Headphones, Personal Assistant), and most importantly, bragging rights, while you are defending the military operation.

This is YOUR time to show YOU have what it takes to:

  • Identify infrastructure security gaps
  • Detect and investigate “how” the attackers got in
  • Respond quicker to attacks

There is no cost to attend. No sales pitches. Just be sure you’ve registered, and bring your “A” game, because who knows what the hackers have up their sleeves.

Limited spots are available, so sign up today!

Veracomp Team