Cloud-Delivered Branches with Next Generation SD-WAN


The software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) market is at a critical inflection point: we are past the early adoption phase, and most enterprises are looking to deploy SD-WAN. Legacy SD-WAN products focus on enabling internet broadband-based connectivity to data centers. However, with the rapid increase in cloud adoption, more recent trends in remote work have shifted organizations’ requirements. In addition to gaining the efficiency and cost benefits of broadband, organizations are looking to future-proof their investments by ensuring their SD-WAN solution can:

  • Deliver secure, optimized access to the cloud
  • Dramatically lower operating costs
  • Enable work from anywhere
  • Reduce operational complexity

Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation SD-WAN can solve these new challenges. Prisma® SD-WAN from Palo Alto Networks is the industry’s only next-generation SD-WAN solution that enables organizations to gain application service-level agreements (SLAs), leverage machine learning (ML) and data science for autonomous operations, and deliver branch services from the cloud.

Characterized by three key architectural benefits, Prisma® SD-WAN is:

  • Application-defined
  • Autonomous
  • Cloud-delivered

Join us in this webinar for an introduction and overview to the Palo Alto Networks Secure Access Service Edge and Prisma® SD-WAN, the Palo Alto Networks next-generation SD-WAN.

Speaker:       Anton Dreher, Business Development Manager, Exclusive Networks

When:        July 28, 2021, 14:00 – 15:00

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