Technical Workshop – Palo Alto Networks – EN


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The workshop provides information on all the latest topics from Palo Alto Networks. Here you will learn everything you need to know about the Palo Alto SE Summit 2022, current updates and information about the announcement of Nebula.

Nebula is the latest release from PAN OS 10.2, this integrates Deep Learning and leverages the computing power of the cloud. Nebula collects, analyzes and interprets potential zero-day threats using Deep Learning in real-time. This results in 6 times faster prevention and a 48% higher detection rate for evasive threats. By way of background, evasive malware is designed to disguise itself from an organization’s security systems. For example, it can defeat the signature-based malware detection of traditional anti-virus solutions.

Now newly available, Palo Alto Networks’ fourth generation NGFW hardware continues the PA-3400 and PA-5400 series and offers three times the performance.

We look forward to your participation.

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