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Securing applications and data in private and public clouds has become a core task of cyber security teams to maintain business continuity and meet regulatory compliance. In this virtual Lunch & Learn we present three approaches by leading vendors to help you achieve this business-critical goal:

Building a Scalable Strategy for Cloud Security with Palo Alto Networks

Speaker: Daniela Boes, Prisma Cloud Technical Sales Manager Palo Alto Networks

Covid-19, digital transformation and Industry 4.0 are forcing us to change the way we think. Palo Alto Networks shows you how you can truly securely build or expand your cloud strategy with confidence.


Who has accessed your data? Your supervisors and auditors would like to know.

Speaker: Dominic Haussmann, Senior Sales Engineer, Imperva

Your company moves data to the cloud without all of the security controls that are required for on-premises. After all, the promised economic and business aspects are far too attractive for business leaders to ignore. However, attackers are looking for the data, auditors demand evidence, and the security department remains responsible for protecting the data. You need to take care of this data before attackers and auditors find it, and you need to do it right away.


Rethink Your Firewall Strategy For Your Hybrid Data Center Environment

Speaker: Martin Dombrowski, Guardicore Senior Sales Engineer

The world is shifting away from building (fire)walls in hybrid data center environments. The exponentially raising ransomware attacks plus lack of visibility are just a few reasons why a change is needed. A workload-centric approach to security is strongly being adopted led by software defined segmentation. This is becoming the new standard. In this talk we will explore this shift in the world, why firewalls are proving to be inadequate to mitigate ransomware and what potential alternatives exist, covering pros and cons of each.


Join us on April 21, 2021 from 10:00 – 12:00 to learn from leading vendors how to achieve visibility into the cloud, maintain compliance, increase application security, reduce the attack surface, and support security teams in maintaining data security.


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