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Cybersecurity Asset Management Platform
Axonius is the cybersecurity asset management platform that gives organizations a comprehensive asset inventory, uncovers security solution coverage gaps, and automatically validates and enforces security policies.

The more devices we bring into our environments, the more solutions we buy to manage them. These tools provide valuable, but siloed, information that gives little visibility into the big picture. Axonius is the only solution that offers a unified view of all assets and their coverage, empowering customers to ask questions, get answers, and take action to enforce their organization’s security policies.

The Axonius Approach
By simply integrating with existing security infrastructure, customers can:

• Get a comprehensive, credible asset inventory
Axonius integrates with 200+ security and management solutions to discover all assets and provide deep, contextual information about each asset.
• Identify security coverage gaps
With an understanding of every asset, customers are able to easily use queries to understand how each relates to their security policies.

• Automate and enforce security policies

Decide which actions to take when assets do not adhere to their security policy in the Axonius Enforcement Center.


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