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CipherTrust Transparent Encryption Ransomware Protection  (CTE-RWP)

CipherTrust Transparent Encryption Ransomware Protection from Thales monitors system processes to detect ransomware-identifying activities, such as excessive data access, unauthorised encryption, or user impersonation, that perform malicious actions on sensitive data.

It keeps a watchful eye over files and systems.

Why CipherTrust Transparent Encryption Ransomware Protection (CTE-RWP) from Thales?

Active Detection

Thales CTE-RWP doesn’t rely on known ransomware file signatures. Instead, it monitors active processes to detect ransomware-identifying activities such as excessive data access, exfiltration, unauthorised encryption, or malicious user impersonation.

Easy to Manage

Quickly deploy Thales CTE-RWP as there is no need to configure user access policies. Leverage the same Thales CipherTrust Manager console used for other tools in the CipherTrust Data Security Platform to simplify and unify your data security management.

Reliable Remediation

Since Thales CTE-RWP monitors the processes for identifying malicious activities, it will still flag/block the ransomware activity even if the ransomware was installed on the machine first and went undetected.


The Battlecard

The battlecard contains a vital snapshot of the Exclusive Networks value add, the Thales product set, how to open up conversations and how to handle any objections with confidence.

The Press Release

Thales has released CipherTrust Transparent Encryption Ransomware Protection to help customers safeguard critical files and folders from ransomware attacks.

The Thales Data
Threat Report

Download your copy today and learn more about the latest data security threats and trends.

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