Connect the Security Dots with XDR

How the XDR Alliance helps solve the puzzle

The cybersecurity threat landscape is rapidly evolving and expanding. As attack vectors multiply, from endpoints to networks to the cloud, many enterprises address each vector with a best-in-class solution to protect those specific vulnerabilities. However, these point tools don’t connect the dots across the entire technology stack.

Playing dot to dot with your cybersecurity

When security data is collected and analysed in isolation without any context or correlation, it creates gaps in what security teams can see and detect. Besides, the manual investigation process can often be slow and cumbersome, causing security teams to fall behind in containing and remediating threats.

So, how do we join the dots?

Introducing the XDR Alliance, bringing together leading XDR vendors from across the Exclusive Networks portfolio. The primary goal of XDR is to increase detection accuracy to improve operational efficiency and productivity. The solution combines alerts on email, endpoint, cloud and network into a singular manageable incident.

XDR aims to solve the challenges for effective detection and response to targeted attacks by joining the dots and creating an overview, instead of taking a siloed approach.

By joining the dots, it helps security teams to:

  • Identify sophisticated or hidden threats
  • Track threats across any source or location within the organisation
  • Improve productivity of the analysts operating the technology
  • Investigate threats more effectively and efficiently

At Exclusive Networks, we don’t shy away from XDR – we embrace it. Not only by having the leading XDR vendors in our portfolio, but by adopting the alliance ourselves.

So, what can you gain from considering an XDR solution on your portfolio?
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