How to save time and reduce friction in deployments

Even with advanced tools like Nutanix Acropolis Hypervisor (AHV) on the market, there are still gaps when it comes to the deployment and management of critical network services in virtualised environments.

Many teams are still relying on spreadsheets to manage IP address and DNS provisioning. This means that even though they can spin up multiple virtual machines in minutes, it may take hours, days or longer to provision the corresponding IP addresses and DNS records.

Where Infoblox and Nutanix come in
Infoblox and Nutanix have teamed up to bring you vNIOS for Nutanix AHV, allowing organisations to eliminate friction in deployments, adding new levels of automation for DNS, DHCP and IP address management. At the same time, Infoblox centralized management administers DDI services on multiple virtualisation platforms.

4 reasons you should be excited
That’s a lot of technical jargon. Let us break down what it all actually means for you and your customers. Here’s why you should get excited about this partnership:

1. Dramatically improve deployment time
Offer the ability to eradicate any manual configuration errors your customers may have with completely automated provisioning processes. This also means that IP addresses are automatically reclaimed when VMs are decommissioned, preventing “VM confusion”.

2. Offer more visibility
Smart Folder offers visibility to a huge range of important information in dynamic, virtualised networks, including DNS records, VMs, networks and tenants by group, VLAN or network.

3. Help your customers stay compliant
The integration offers simple and comprehensive tracking, logging, and reporting for auditing and compliance.

4. Control over multiple environments
Provide your customers with the tools to configure, view, change, track, and report on network conditions across many network environments simultaneously.

Ready to find out more?
Download the partnership solution brief to get all the technical information, plus all the contact details you’ll need to get started.