Our Vendors Can Help You Stay Cyber Secure with Visibility

According to Gartner, cloud-first is a priority for 88% of organisations. However, research reveals that up to 86% of IT spend goes on legacy systems. Now the dust is settling on the emergency, organisations are seeking to regain visibility, implement real-time hybrid security measures, and resume operational and financial control of their world. To do this, they are turning to vendors who can bring visibility to their whole network, and consequently, help secure it.

Seeing Ahead: Use Cases for Vendor Solutions

Necessity is the mother of invention. Just as the pandemic accelerated and generated solutions to the challenges at hand, threats and attacks on organisations have led to multiple solutions. Gaining an overview of the organisation’s network, systems, applications, devices, and users is key to securing the data, and the infrastructure and solutions are available. Vendors each bring unique angles and specialisms to fit the current challenges, looking to increase visibility, eliminate silos, reduce costs, and field security threats.

Palo Alto Networks products address having full visibility within a single comprehensive platform enabling organisations to see and secure everything. Threat prevention must be done across multiple layers, everywhere in the network. With this in mind, Palo Alto Networks Threat Prevention is a natively integrated part of the Security Operating Platform that protects organisations across the entire attack lifecycle, and visibility is a key component. Organisations must be able to see all traffic to make informed security decisions. Prisma Cloud extends this visibility and security approach across all clouds.

Netskope Security Cloud provides unrivalled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Netskope understands the cloud and takes a data-centric approach that empowers security teams with the right balance of visibility, protection and speed they need to secure their digital transformation journey.

Gigamon aims to address the foundational visibility gap in today’s digital and hybrid infrastructure. The industry’s first elastic visibility and analytics fabric enables your cloud tools to see the network and your network tools to see the cloud. With visibility across their entire hybrid cloud network, organisations can improve customer experience, eliminate security blind spots, and reduce cost and complexity.

Tanium angles in on real-time visibility, comprehensive control and rapid response tools. The Tanium platform unifies security and IT operations teams with a single view of critical endpoint data in real-time. Managing risk requires visibility on abnormal risky network activities including remote workers and hybrid cloud environments allowing managers to quickly identify rogue devices, unprotected devices, threats to IoT devices, and backup system failures without overburdening the IT team.

CyGlass brings objective-driven alerts and reports that enable security teams to focus on what is important, why, and what remediation action is needed to mitigate the risk or threat. Prebuilt policy objectives allow teams to click a button to activate controls, AI models, and reports based on organisational needs.

IronNet is the only vendor to offer a Collective Defence framework, giving participating organisations the ability to correlate threats in real-time and at machine speed across multiple SOCs together. With IronNet you can have visibility across your entire ecosystem, including on-prem networks, cloud, and supply chain and third-party providers.

When a U.S. hedge fund managing approximately $125 billion in global investments needed additional network visibility and behavioural detection to complete its security stack, IronDefense behavioural analytics provided additional capabilities to detect and respond to unknown threats. The firm’s Head of Security Operations stated that “IronDome provides real-time intelligence on attacks as they happen. I am not aware of any other vendor that provides similar technology on the scale that IronNet does – within and across verticals.”


Complexity is one thing, an ever-moving target quite another. Visibility is the key and IT, security, and business teams will only meet this challenge in collaboration with one another and equipped with the smartest technology available to ensure their network and cloud infrastructures are visible.