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Everything from strategic development to tactical execution; from messages and stories to media planning and prospect engagement. Our suite of value-creating marketing services enable the channel to accelerate opportunities and turn strategy into real business.

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If you’ve reached Innovator status or above, we can help you secure marketing development funds (MDF) to drive your Palo Alto Networks business and we’ll help towards some of the costs too.

Typically, you’ll be able to cover 2/3 of the total cost of your marketing campaigns with Palo Alto Networks and Exclusive Networks each contributing one third of the total cost.

Not eligible for funding? Don’t worry! We’ve got lots of tips and tricks to generate new business without costing a single penny!

We’ll help you utilise
campaigns on Nextwave.

If you think vendor campaigns-in-a-box are a waste of time, then you haven’t seen a Palo Alto Networks campaign-in-a-box.

There are comprehensive campaigns around Prisma SASE, Security Lifecycle Reviews, XSOAR Powered Services, Securing Cloud Infrastructures, ZTNA 2.0, Next Generation Firewalls, Securing Small to Mid Size Businesses, Securing Distributed Workforces and so much more.

And they work.

We’ll work with you to make sense of them, put your own spin on them and to distribute them throughout your own marketing channels.


We’ll get you going on Launchpad.

With Nextwave, you’ll also get access to your own marketing automaton platform with Launchpad.

Upload data to spin up automated campaigns, easily cobrand Palo Alto Networks assets and track leads in your own lead management portal.

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We’ll help you host hands-on events.

It’s easy to host a Palo Alto Networks event for your end users. Whether virtual or face-to-face, there’s tried and tested tools to help you do it.

Ultimate Test Drives

Get your customers behind the driver’s seat of the industry’s leading cyber-security vendor by hosting a hands-on Ultimate Test Drive event. These lab type events are a great way of demonstrating the capabilities of the portfolio without the formality of a proof of concept.

the Flags

All techies love a capture the flag (CTF) challenge. They get to test the technology in a gamified way, what’s not to love? Why not host an Ultimate Test Drive and Capture the Flag in a one-day event for customers and prospects.

We can help you with all things marketing.

We can help put a Palo Alto Networks spin on any marketing campaign.
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